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Award Program Commenced May 2006 - As of Jun 24th 2008 - 94 Websites have won our awards, including 2 SPECIAL AWARD's.

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Year 2006 Winners

Pet Related

Dolphin World
Beautiful dolphin pictures
Awarded Baby's Splashing Award

Gwensigor's Website
Most informative and largest website about Shelties in the Netherlands.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
All you need to know about puppyhood, meet Molly McButter and More!
Awarded Pepsi & Max's Topsite Award

Hello Baby! Parrot Photos
Beautiful photos of Baby & Sammy, plus lots of links to interesting and informative parrot sites.
Awarded Baby's Topsite Award

Caique Crazy Forums
Our very 1st Special Caique Award winning website!
A friendly forum with lots of caique info, owners stories, advice and lots more!
A must see for Caique fans!
Awarded Baby's Golden Caique Award

Caique Capers & Mews
The purpose of this site is to try and provide you with some general information about caiques, while at the same time making it a fun and enjoyable experience.
Awarded Baby's Golden Caique Award

Gretchen's Place
Site is about a 14 year old miniature schnauzer. Site has photos, info about schnauzers, stories and a little humor..
Awarded Max's Woof-tastic Award

Missy's World
Site is about a miniature schnauzer who lives in Georgia..
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Zach's Shack
Site is about a miniature schnauzer who was rescued from a puppy mill. Site has photos, info about rescue and poetry..
Awarded Pepsi & Max's Topsite Award

Caique Capers & Mews Bath Time Fun
I recently created a web site devoted to Caiques becasue I wasn't able to find much information out there. I'm hoping that visitors will find it to be a fun, entertatining and informative site. I have several "Photo Gallery" pages of my friends caiques and one page devoted to "Bath Time Fun" !
Awarded Baby's Splashing Award Bengal
On this site you can read about and see my cats and find out about my purpose of breeding Bengals
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award (link no longer active)
ACE - Animal Care for Everyone -
is a group both for people all around the world who wish to discuss about their common passion, animals, and those who wish to help them: we are proud to support various animal shelters and rescue groups, and even sponsor a few organizations.
If you wish to discuss about your furry friends with kind and friendly people interested in pets, this group is for you.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Pet Related Cont'd

Babes n Pets UK (link no longer active)
A site/forum for animal lovers, pet owners, parents and kids alike, anyone of any age from anywhere is welcome here..
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Jackie's Guinea Piggies
Here you can meet my gorgeous guinea pigs, my daughter's 2 adorable bunnies and little fishes.
Awarded Pepsi & Max's Top Site Award

All About Pit Bulls
All About Pit Bulls.. a site dedicated to the Pit Bull breed and to give visitors a better understanding of the breed..
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
Our Mission at Priceless is to help educate the beginner to the hobby of Parrot Keeping and Parrot Care. Whether you have the largest of Macaws, African Grey, Lovebirds or Ring-neck Parakeet, We can accommodate your needs with a range of subjects to suit you. We also have a Great Online Parrot Forum.
Awarded Baby's Topsite Award

Smileys Birds
We are a board for all types of birds..As well as talking about other pets..
Awarded Baby's Topsite Award

Dude & Sue's Space
Site is dedicated to Dude a white bellied Caique .
Awarded Baby's Golden Caique Award

Agasteche Reg'd German Shepherds
Small hobby breeders of CKC Reg. German Shepherd dogs in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Foxlore Toy Fox Terriers
Breeding top winning champion and companion TFTs for over 16 years. Our Toy Fox Terriers are linebred for excellent type, temperament and structure. Visit our website for breed information, photos, referrals and links.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

The Critter Place
Beautiful critters and their stories, aswell as beautiful Background sets, tasty recipes and more!
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Reptile Rescue Den
Reptile Rescue Den rescue and rehome reptiles throughout the North West of the UK.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Margarets Page
Mainly about me and my family, including ofcourse our pets, Skye and sadly missed Jess, causes and against animal abuse.
Awarded Pepsi's Woof-tastic Award

Felix's Website
Our very 1st Special Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Award!.
This site is all about Felix the gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you can see photos, meet his family, friends and more!
Awarded CKCS Special King Award

Pet Related Cont'd

Tornado Chi's
I am a small hobby breeder of chis. I have lots of pics of my dogs and pups as well as lots of chi info under the resources..
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

The Comfortable Guesthouse
Website includes information about my two dogs, Nelly and Skippy, my bird, Thunder, cat, Pounce, and various other pages..
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Conure Crazey
I decided to make my site when i got my very 1st Sun conure (you can see her in the banner). its just a forum on conures but anyone with a bird is free to come and talk about there pets and look around!
Awarded Baby's Topsite Award

Fischer's Lovebird
This little site cares for the wellbeing of the lovebird with plenty of good information and great photos.
Awarded Baby's Splashing Award

My Budgerigar Bible
A site devoted to the budgie/parakeet/budgerigar. We are a team of people wishing to bring fast imformative info to the owners of these fantastic birds. We have helped people world wide, All you budgie needs and inof here!
Awarded Babys Topsite Award

Run-N-Bare Sphynx
Here you can meet Zoey and Lucy, read all about the Sphynx history, facts and much more to come...
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Jendi the Bitch from Down Under
On my site you can see lots of cute stuff to make you go "Ahh" - check out About Jendi, Jendi's Family, Jendi's Friends and Jendi's Cyber Friends. You can also go to lots of interesting information about my homeland - Australian History or Australian Geography or read some Australian Poetry, even find out about Australian slang or Strine and be educated.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Bitser Bo Jangles
Bitser Bo Jangles tells you about himself, his ancestors, his beautiful sister Jendi, and takes you on a virtual tour of the world. See his ancestors at the Rainbow Bridge, Place a patch for a loved companion on his Memorial Quilt, Do his challenging jig saws, Apply for one of his Awards
Awarded Baby's Splashing Award

Cookie the Quaker Parrot
Its all about my Quaker Parrot Cookie and other Quaker Parrots! (other pets and animals too) Also it has games, blogs, chatroom to talk about your pets, Cookies friends to add you pets picure, rainbow bridge, pictures, videos, awards, banners and links exchange and many more things!!
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Reptile Rescue Hull
We are a group committed to dealing with the health and welfare of reptiles and exotics.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence & Gold Award

Non Pet Related

Sid James Fansite
the king of comedy - tribute/ fansite
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
Ray Winstone Fans Site
Fansite on the great british actor with galleries,
tv/film information and much much more.
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

The Bill
Pics,info,episode guides and more on the UK Police drama
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

The X-Files
Complete season/film guide, & unique wallpapers
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
David's Place Themes
Free Desktop Themes, Screensavers, Wallpapers and icq Skins.
Awards Program and a page I did for 9/11.
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Roz designz
Professional Christian Web Design Studio
Custom web site designz with you the client in mind.
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Different Worlds
We are a group of parents, carers, friends and relatives with a common link.
We all have personal experience of Aspergers Syndrome or other Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
We meet monthly and invite �Guest Speakers� along to the meetings.
We have had visits from Social Services, the Local Education Authority, Alternative Therapists re. dietary advice etc.
We have write ups, photos, poetry, diagnosis criteria, and much more on our Site, and we actively encourage both adults and children to write for us.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
CAMERADIO No longer active
About Amateur Radio and Photography,with pages on History,Calculators and Trivia..
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
Cops Retreat Community And Chat
My web site credits people for the hard work they do for others. It is made with thoughts of other people and the sacrifices they make for all of us. There are writings in there that will make you laugh or make you cry. It's directed towards the goodness in people, it's about the joys and sorrows everyone goes through. I put my heart into creating this web site and I hope it brings joy to others as it has done for me in making it.
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Non Pet Related Cont'd

Trucker's Diamonds
Wonderful support site for truckers, their spouses, & s/o worldwide.
Awarded Pepsi & Max's Topsite Award

David's Awards Program
A long standing and respected Awards Program offering over 20 different themed awards aswell as a Special Memorial Award for Websites That Have 9/11 or Space Shuttle Memorial Website or Page.
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

The Beat Post International
A Huge website with something for everyone.
Including Small Stories, Music, Fun Stuff, An Excellent Award Program and much much more!
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

Mathews United Methodist Church On-line
Our church web ministry spreads the GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ. Also has information about the beliefs and doctrines of the United Methodist Church; as well as the many wonderful programs, activities, and ministries at Mathews United Methodist Church..
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award
Topez Doc Martin
A tribute to the ITV Comedy Drama starring Martin Clunes
Awarded Pepsi's Woof Tastic Award
Fall Out Boy
My site is a personalised site that offers some interesting and educational pages, such pages include information on a variety of countries in the world, philosophical quotes, graphic designs and poetry. I implement new things on a weekly basis with a main news page and try to use original ideas and designs for every possible area of my site. Each page is categorised in relevance and I have kept the presentation design clear, smart and easy to navigate around.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
Here you will find a lots of graphics, photoshop tutorials, award and good resources to help you enhance your skills in web designing. Here also have some free goodies you can use for your site.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award
Felix Bongers Web Page
There are POWERPOINTS and a Family Tree.Family photo's. Back from 1700. Poems.Jokes. Quotations. Stories.Angels. Unicorns. Dolphins.Download backgrounds. Australian Page. And American page from 11 Sep.2001. Our web page owns 2817 awards in its name. A page to translate whole web pages. Currency values.Saints & sinners. And a bit of karateAnd much more.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Non Pet Related Cont'd

Nightowls Gazebo
Nightowls Gazebo has American Indian triva, quotes, proverbs, fun stuff & a page about my Dachshund named Emma.
Awarded Max's Woof-tastic Award

Blessings Cornucopia
A Wisdom, Wellness, Wholeness Harvest for Heart, Mind, Spirit with information about Animal Communications, World Religions, Spirituality, Archangels, Angelic Orders, Ancient Civilizations, Earth Mysteries, Living Myth Goddesses and Gods, Inspirational Insights, Astrology, Cosmology, Crystals, Stones, Extraterrestrials, Pleiadians and Newsletters.
Awarded Baywood Pets Gold Award

I have lots of Screensavers and Wallpapers, Incredimail from pets and most of them FREEWARE, and unique
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

The Game Puppet
I have a safe surf rated gaming, graphics, Civil War, St. Augustine, Gettysburg, Cat site, and Christian site with something for the whole family.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

Mrs. Henk's Dragon Den
This is a resource web site for teachers, parents, and students involved in the researched-based reading intervention READ180 Program...although regular language arts teachers will find much of interest here, too. The site provides classroom organizers, bulletin boards, forms, lesson ideas, interactive literacy games, projects, and more.
Awarded Baywood Pets Excellence Award

During May 2006 and December 2007, 84 websites won our Awards,
New awards were introduced January 2008, so Awards stats have been restarted.

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