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Puppie's Story

puppys pic
(Picture courtesy of Sue the breeder)Max far left Pepsi far right.
(See pictures of Pepsi & Max's Mum and sister in our Family Album)

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It all began back in the beginning of January 2006, we had decided to have a puppy, and after a little reading on the internet we decided a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would be the right puppy for us, the family and Baby.

It didn't take us long to find the puppy we wanted, after visiting we found the picture above and fell in love with the beautiful little face on the right (Pepsi), so I rang Sue the breeder to find out how much and when she would be ready to leave her Mum.

The following day we drove over to visit her and to put our deposit on her. We found she was one of four, 2 boys and 2 girls all Blenheims , we met Mum, she is a beautiful Tricolour, we didn't meet the Dad but he's Blenheim. As soon as we met Pepsi we fell in love with her.

A few days later we were looking at and found an advert for Pepsi's brother, he was the only one that hadn't sold yet, so we decided to phone Sue to see if he was still available, he was so the following day we drove over to see them again and pay another deposit. As it happened we had chosen the two dogs who were inseparable, we decided to call him Max.

A few weeks later...... and a good sum of money later ;) we brought them home, Our lives have never been the same since ( for the better I might add).

Feb 8th - Pepsi & Max had their first primary vaccinations.
Pepsi went first, when the needle went in her scruff she let out a huge cry which continued for a good while, Max was very concerned and tried to comfort her, when it came to Max he thought the thermometer in his bottom was the needle and cried as loud as Pepsi had, what a wimp lol, when it came to the needle, boy did he cry out loud, everyone in Pets at home heard him, Pepsi was too busy having cuddles to worry about Max.

Feb 22nd - Pepsi & Max had their 2nd primary vaccinations.
Just putting them in the car to go to the vets they knew what was about to happen, and this time they both knew how painful the needle was, we were also going to have them both microchipped but decided against it as the needle was quite large and would be very painful for the little mites.
For more information on vaccines see our Information Section

March 8th - Pepsi & Max went out for their first walk outside, we took them in the car down to the beach and walked them on the promenade, Max loved it, you'd of thought he'd always been out walking, now Pepsi was a different story, she sat down and refused to move, she didn't like the harness, or her coat and she definitely didn't like the lead, Max played the big brother roll and went behind her and pushed her bottom to make her move, that did the job and she was off and running, from that moment on Pepsi has loved her walks.


Margaret will update this section in more detail soon, (at the mo shes busy working etc)

Latest Puppy News in brief :-

26th March - Pepsi & Max had thier 1st lil holiday in a beautiful cottage in Cardigan.
The weather was awful but they really enjoyed themselves running around the cottage like loonies lol, we did manage to get them out walking a couple of times and they were so well behaved.
(Like Anita said we had a great time, the cottage was a little smaller then we thought it would be, the living room was also one of the bedrooms with a double bed in it, both the puppies loved bouncing on it and surfing over the feather quilt. They went for lots of rides in the car, they love the car, their like little angels, as soon as they feel the car moving they both fall asleep.)

April 27th - Pepsi & Max get to go on their 2nd lil holiday.
I'l leave Margaret tell you all about that when we get back!
Well we had a great time on our second holiday, we stayed on a working dairy farm, there was nothing to see for miles but fields and fields of cows and sheep, the view was fantastic as was the quiet, the puppies again were a pleasure to take with us, they loved the walks in the fields of sheep, not that the puppies seemed to see the sheep, they just ignored them, even though the sheep were very interested in them and watched every move they made.
The weather was great, lots of sun but not too warm, the cottage had an upstairs, the puppies soon learned not to go up them, other then that they had the run of the downstairs in the day time. The country air knocked them out every evening and they did loads of sleeping, awwwww bless. They met lady and her mother silver, they were both Border Collies, Max was amazed as were Anita and I how high Lady could jump from standing, at least 7 foot, Lady and Max exchanged a bark every time we went out or came back to the farm.(Margaret)

May 25th - Il whisper this incase the 2 of them hear me ..... Pepsi & Max are both being neutered.
No doubt they wont be friends to us for a lil while but its for the best.

For more information on Neutering & Spaying visit our Information Section

May 24th - Well its the eve of Pepsi & Max's neutering (we are also having them micro-chipped at the same time) and they are 6mths old today! we are sooo nervous about tomorrow but we spoken about all the pros and cons and the pros definately outway the cons, originally we were only thinking of having Max neutered but the health risks not having Pepsi spayed would be to high.
Our plans for tomorrow are once we have dropped our babies at the vet we are going to get them a new bed each, and some of thier favourite treats ready for once they are feeling better. We are going to have to have them sleeping seperate for the 1st time :( just incase they injure each other. One thing for sure is tomorrow is going to be a long day.
More news as it happens
Thats all from me for now!

May 26th - Well it was a very long day, It's 6pm in the evening, Pepsi and Max have been home from the Vets three and a half hours, their both sleeping in their crate, their such brave little mites. Their Operations went really well, Pepsi was spayed and had a dew claw removed from her back left leg, awwwww she has a beautiful pink bandage on her foot, which she doesn't like walking on, her spay wound is so small, she only has 1 stitch in it, the nurse carried Pepsi out to us, she's such a baby and spent the first few hours home sleeping on Mummy Anita's knee. Max was neutered, he has a wound a little bigger then Pepsi's and has 2 stitches and his whole tummy looks very red and sore, he walked out of the Vets very brave till he got to the car, then he began to cry, aww bless him, he spent his first few hours home on My (Mummy Margaret's) knee. click here for post op photo's

May 27th - Well today you'd never think they'd both had surgery, their both up and about as normal, the only problem we have is keeping them still.

May 28th - Pepsi and Max have been back to the Vets today for a post op check, all is well and Pepsi's foot bandage has been taken off, much to Pepsi's relief.

June 5th -We took the puppies to the Vets this morning to have their stitches out and a final check up, they can both go out walking again now, We definately did the right thing having them neutered and spayed, they both recovered so fast.

June 21st -We had to take Pepsi to the Vets this afternoon, she had a temp and was crying in pain when trying to pass water, the vet thinks its Cystitis, she gave Pepsi Noroclav antibiotic injection and Rimadyl anti inflammatory injection, and 7 day course of Norocav tablets, Pepsi was so brave, it's the first time shes left the house without Max, but she was safe in Mummy Anita's arms so all was well, she never made a sound when she had her injections, how proud were We, they also wanted a water sample, so you can imagine how easy that was, I (Margaret) spent this evening following Pepsi around with a little bowl trying to catch a sample of her urine, Pepsi was an angel and didn't make me wait too long, she looked at me as if to say, I think your mad wanting my wee but I love you and if thats what you want I'm only happy to oblige. It's in the fridge now so I can pop it over to the Vets tomorrow morning. Pepsi is now fast asleep next to Mummy Anita on the sofa, where she's spent most of the night, while her brother Max is running around like a mad dog, collecting socks, both the puppies love stealing socks a little something they picked up off their Mum Jasmine.

June 22nd
There will be no updates for the next few days as we have had bad news concerning Pepsi's health today after her visit to the vet yesterday, it seems its not a water infection as thought, :(

June 26th -
Well Pepsi is much better but still not 100% yet, I took the sample of urine into the vets and within a few hours they had phoned to ask us to take Pepsi back to see them, she has an acute urinary tract infection, which she's been back and forth for more anti inflammatory injections as Pepsi has been in a great deal of pain as well as incontinent, she's 5 days into a 7 day course of antibiotic, but she may well need to have another course to make sure she's clear of infection. We're hoping this isn't going to be an on going problem with Pepsi but just in case it is we're going to buy some D-Mannose which is 10 times more effective than cranberries in dislodging E. coli bacteria from the bladder wall, and, as such, can eliminate more than 90% of UTIs in 24-48 hours, you can give this as a prevenative so we're hoping to stop Pepsi getting another infection.

June 27th 2006-
Signs your dog might have a Urinary Tract Infection
In addition to increased frequency of urination, the classic signs of a UTI are:

If you notice any of these signs you should have your dog examined immediately.
Your veterinarian will test your pet's urine to diagnose a UTI. A urinalysis is the examination of urine for abnormal substances such as blood, protein, sugar or white blood cells, which may indicate a UTI. Urine samples can be collected by having the pet urinate in a container. A sample can also be retrieved from the bladder by catheterization or by drawing urine directly from the bladder with a needle. A bacterial urine culture will be performed to identify the presence of bacteria, which will confirm that a UTI is present.
If the urinalysis indicates that your pet has a UTI, your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition, Treatment usually includes one to two pills a day for the duration of at least two weeks.
Acute conditions also require anti inflammatory injections aswell as antibiotic injections
Females have a wider and shorter urethra than males and are affected by UTIs more often.

Possible Causes
The exact cause is usually unknown, but possible factors may include heredity (both congenital and developmental), diabetes, immune suppression, and the obvious holding urine for long periods, we cannot stress enough that your dog has to be allowed to urinate frequently, although Pepsi is allowed to toilet frequently she still caught an infection, but urine retention is known to be connected to UCI's

Nov 8th -
We had to take Max to the vets this afternoon, firstly he has an ear infection which is easy to sort, but he's also been having some pain in his back right leg, he'll suddenly yelp in pain then hop about for a few seconds, anyways the vets found his knee is slipping in and out of its socket which is quite painful for him, she recommends surgery so it doesn't cause too much pain as he gets older, he'll have to be referred to a specialist, so we're talking loads of money, good job we got the puppies insured.

We'll tell you more once we know more, cost ect.

December 4th -
Il update about Max as Margaret is very busy at the mo.
Well after a few vet visits Maxs ear is all sorted, and after indepth discussions, its been decided to leave Maxs leg for the time being, hes not in any discomfort at the moment, so we are going to wait until he is fully grown and then re-assess the situation.

Hes more than well at the moment hes been playing like a looney with his sister, she soon puts him in his place when he gets over excited.

He just had me in stitches laughing, we have popped quilt covers over their chairs in the back room ... yes they have their own room lol
anyway i just popped my head round to see if they were sleeping and Max was inside the quilt cover trying every way to get out other than the right way lol, he was getting more and more excited as he heard me and getting more and more wound up .... you had to be there to believe it lol

Right on to the BIG news on December 7th Pepsi & Max celebrate their 1st Birthday!!
Be sure to check out the front page on that date to see their Birthday page Iv made!

Thats all for now other than once the Birthday page comes off on the 8th it will be replaced by a special Xmas page!!

March 30th -

Read about Pepsis patella problems Here

July 31st 2007
The puppies together -
Because of Pepsi's health problems together they have lost out on alot, Max so missed his little sister he so loved to play with, they are inseperable and have been from the time we had them, spending so much time apart was heart breaking.
Fortunately now Pepsi is on the mend they can gently play again, hopefully things can now only get better!