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Pepsi's Story

pepsi pic

Pepsi............What can I say about Pepsi???

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Pepsi would melt the heart of even the hardest of people, She's loving, cute, a real baby, timid, her world comes to an end if you raise your voice at her, and a schizophrenic!!! why? If Max has something she wants, or Max takes something off her, she will hunt him down, run him down, pin him to the ground, hitch a ride by holding on to his tail or ears and when its all over, she wants to play that game again.

She loves to play chase me, she'll run to their food dish and run off with some food in the hope Max will chase after her to get it back.

Pepsi is the Puppy Anita always wanted, a real baby, loves cuddles like a baby in your arms, she loves nothing better then to sleep on you, not at the side, not on your lap, but on your chest or in your arms, what more could we ask for?

Pepsi at 5 months old.
Pepsi is growing into a beautifully natured dog, she's so loving and very much in your face, she loves to give you hugs and kisses, she jumps up into your arms and loves to rest her chin and yours, if we just leave the room for a moment she'll greet you as if you'd been gone all day. She's still a schizophrenic when it comes to Max, as I'm writing this I can hear Pepsi play fighting with Max in their bed, I bet she wants the bed to herself, but try to separate them and they hate it, Pepsi still needs her brother even though he gets on her nerves sometimes.

Pepsi at 8 months old.
Pepsi continues to grow into a beautiful, loving and gentle little girl, she lives only to show us how much she loves us. When ever she leaves her bed she has to bring us a gift, a sausage, pigs ear, bone, what ever is her favorite chew at the time she'll carry into the room for her mummy Anita. She still loves to play chase with Max but sitting with her mummys will often win over a good game of pinch the dog treat. You should see Pepsi swing her bum when excited, I'm sure she could get a part in the next Renault Megane advert lol. She has a wicked deep bark for a little girl, which she uses to tell next doors rottweiler dogs off with. She loves her rides in the car, she now sits in the front on mummy Anita's lap with her harness fastened to the seat belt, and in this hot weather she loves to sit with her head out the window, whilst Max sleeps in the back.

Pepsi at 11 months old.
Pepsi is such a beautiful, gentle and loving little girl, she looks at us all with such love, and all she longs for is to please us and to to be near if not in your face grabbing all the hugs and love she can, she's enjoying having her own bed at night, but still loves to sleep next to Max in the day.
Pepsi is a great little guard dog, boy has she got a deep bark, which she loves to show off when anyone comes to the door, or hears a strange noise outside. She loves to tell Max off if he has done something wrong.

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Pepsi at 20mths
As regular visitors will know Pepsi has had a rough start in life, and has been through so much, its been a heartbreaking time and very worrying to say the least, (see above links)
Seeing such an adorable little loving, timid dog suffer so much pain was horrid, but surgery was succesful and Pepsi is on the mend, she waddles around with her little limp but at least now she is pain free, apart from an occasional yelp if she moves awkwardly.
Pepsi is a true Baby who cant bare being seperated from us or Max, she melts our hearts, she is so beautiful and "girly" but with a bark so deep its unreal lol.
Pepsi has more of a pug look of the CKCS with a small snout and stocky build.
Shes a wonderful dog who we so hope can enjoy life and be happy from now on, as she so deserves to, shes a 1st class patient with such a laid back nature, a true little girl in a million!

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