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The Ab-Crab UK store has been created to provide fellow hermie owners with easy access to the essentials needed to keep our critters healthy and happy; these essentials have become increasingly harder to locate in the UK. 
Our aim is to offer hermie specific products that are very difficult to obtain in the UK, and of course where we have discounts kindly applied, these will be reflected in our prices.

If you need advice or want to meet other Hermie owners, Join our Forum

Our Hermit Crabs - what they need

They can live 30yrs plus if well looked after, most die because of lack of care, strict humidity and temperature control is required or they suffocate, get too cold or over heat.

I use to keep marine fish and had red legged hermits, and always loved watching them, having land hermits is even better and much easier to keep then a marine tank.

The size of the tank you use is as big as you want it to be, they don't need lots of space, just lots of climbing room and places to hide, as long as you have room for a fresh water dish, a sea water dish and food dish you can't go too wrong.

We now have 2 tanks 1 is about 3 feet long, its really a gerbilarium, so its got 3 shelves init, which gives room for lots of climbing, anf the other a 5ft tank

If you find your crabs are quiet, you might find its because its a little busy and noisy where you have them, the flashing from the TV or your shadow as you pass betwwen the tank and a lamp is enough to keep them hiding, we moved ours to the bedroom, they tend to come out more at night anyways, we see so much of them now, we watch them bath, eat climb, change shells, its great.

We need to keep lots of empty shells for them of all different sizes, some we got from pets at home, others we ordered of the net, either ebay or on line pets sites, Land Hermit crab keeping is huge in the USA so they have lots of stuff we can't get here in the UK we now run a successful online store selling hard to obtain products, imported from the US aswell as selling natural and organics foods, click the banner at the top of the page!

Dietry Needs

Fresh foods and treats you can try include

We no longer promote the use of commercial foods which contain additives and preservatives, some even contain copper which used long term can be fatal