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Win our Baywood Pets Awards

Award Program Commenced May 2006

We apologise but we are no longer running an awards program, thank you to everybody who applied for awards in the past, we are elated at how popular the awards program turned out to be!

New Awards for 2008!!

Our old awards can be found at Here

KING award


The above awards are for websites concerning Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or Caique Parrots

A. Excellence Award

B. Gold Award

C. Baby's Topsite Award

D. Pepsi's Topsite Award

E. Max's Topsite Award

We have made these awards to honour webmasters/mistress's for all their hard work and the considerable amount of time they give in creating websites,

Award Criteria.

1. Site MUST be family friendly.
2. Absolutely no Pornography on any page. If you have anything on your website that is unsuitable for young eyes please Do not apply.
3. No Profanity allowed, (swear words)
4. Your site does not have to be pet related.
5. A link back to our site is always appreciated.
6. You must let us know when and where you've placed your award so we can visit and add you to our Winners Page!
7. All awards are now personalised.
8. We take the time to visit and look around your websites, so we ask you do not waste our time, there is no point in applying for an award if you do not intend on using it.
9. We would like to see awards added to your site within a reasonable amount of time, within 14 days please.
10. We now ask you add a criteria Password on application for an award, this is to check that our criteria guidelines have been read,
the Password is "Woof" please add this in the comments section of the application form or in your email

Award Criteria Amendment
1.All award winners are now asked to add their award to their website before they are added to the winners page, and then to let us know once they have done so.
This is owing to a minority of winners not adding awards to their websites, in particular forum and message boards, this is unfair to webmasters/forum admininstrators that appreciate their awards and winners links,
therefore this decision has had to be made from 15th August 2006.
2. New Password requirement added.

View our award winning websites.

We check all sites to see if our award has been added,
We also like to visit all our winners sites from time to time to see how your doing.
If we find our award has been removed we will remove your link from our winners list.
Thats it! Good Luck!

We will view your site, then if your site follows our criteria we will send you your award! usually within 7 days.
If you do not hear from us regarding your award with 10 days this could mean your email got lost or you did not meet our Criteria, we are Very strict on web sites being Family Safe.
All awards will be sent by email and should be saved and hosted on your own server

To Apply fill in the form below
with the following details

1.Your Site Name
2.Your Site URL
3.Award wanted - choose from

KING Award or CAIQUE Award (CKCS & Caique Breed specific only)
A.Excellence Award
B.Gold Award
C.Baby's Topsite Award
D.Pepsi's Topsite Award
E.Max's Topsite Award

4.A lil bit about your site (This will be added as a description of your site after your link on our Winners Page).
5.Dont forget to add the criteria password
All awards are personalised

If you do not receive your award please check your bulk mail folder,
some winners have reported their award appeared in their Bulk/Junk/Spam mail folders.

Award Details:

If the email form doesnt work for you then you can Email Us by clicking with the required information

Privacy Notice

Your email address will only be used to correspond with YOU the sender and is considered private information. Information that is collected will only be used in relation to our awards program and not given to any third parties or used to send you unsolicited email.