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The Old Boys

Let us introduce you to our Old Boys Ratty and Sandy, these little guys are almost 2 and half, we originally had all 4 brothers, they were so tiny when we bought them and so tame.
Sadly Saddle a grey flecked gerbil with a little saddle marking on his back, passed away at 18mths old, sadly it was not a peaceful passing an image we will never forget. We unfortunately lost all saddles photos when our old PC died :(
Then there was Jet, a jet black gerbil who had tiny little white fingers, you can find Jets photo on our Rainbow bridge page here, Jet passed away at the age of 2 peacefully in his sleep, 10 minutes before he died he was grooming his brother Ratty, he passed away next to his sand bath, looking ever so peaceful.

On to Ratty this old boy is such a sweetheart, so gentle, he has had 2 strokes and still has a zest for life, hes a handsome little boy, Sandy is a sweetie he idolises Ratty as does Ratty to Sandy, he loves to burrow, and chew, these little boys make short work of anything gnawable.

Below is a selection of recent photos

Sadly Ratty and Sandy (passed away November 2007) a week apart

/brothers1.jpg /brothers2.jpg /ratty1.jpg
/ratty2.jpg /ratty3.jpg /ratty4.jpg
/sandy1.jpg /sandy2.jpg /sandy3.jpg

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