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Baywood New Family arrival
We would like to introduce you all to our new gorgeous puppy, Luco (can you guess why hes called that? ;) )
Luco is a beautiful cavapoo, cavalier king charles spaniel cross toy poodle
Has he settled in well??? We think the pics answer that lol, its like he has always lived here, from the minute he came into our home it was like he had always been here and knew everybody!
Pepsi and max were a bit, "who the heck or what the heck is that?" but with true cavalier nature they excepted him in no time, hes a busy lil tyke everything is his to play with no matter what it is
We have lost count of the times we'v chased him around the house dragging a handbag, someones jacket or anything else he can get his paws on! lol
Hes a very intelligent lil guy and already sits on command, fetches and retrieves aswell as giving his paw!

We shall give you lots more goss about Luco very soon, but for now, enjoy the pics!

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