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Max's Story

max pic

Max............what can I say about Max????

Max could put a smile on anyones face, he's so cute, handsome and has such character in his face, he's able to raise an eyebrow, lift his ears and the way he tilts his head would melt your heart.

Max loves to run, ears flying, head held high he runs from room to room, more often than not with Pepsi hanging onto his tail or ear.

Max loves his sister and can't bare for her to be out of his sight for long, he'll soon go and round her up.

Whatever Pepsi has he wants it, where ever Pepsi goes he wants to be there first.

Max is the puppy I,(Margaret) always wanted, full of energy, play, mischievousness an unlimited love for his sister and us, again what more could we of asked for.

Max at 5 months old.
Max is growing into a soppy natured dog, he loves his cuddles now, yes he really does sit still long enough for us to cuddle him now, he'll do anything for a tickle on the chest.
He still loves his mad racing around the room, and loves to wind Pepsi up so she'll chase him, he's so sly, if Pepsi has something he wants, he'll find something better to tempt her with, no sooner does she let go and he's off running with it.
He loves to watch TV, CITV's Pocoyo just mesmerizes him and stops him in his tracks no matter what he's doing.

Max at 8 months old.
Max is turning into a real mummys boy, he's so loving and trusting, he leaps onto your lap and flops onto his back for a chest rub, hes so daft he'll let you lay him on his back. He's still full of energy and play, the whole world is just a freind he hasn't met yet because he hasn't barked loud enough lol. He loves his rides in the car, he gets the whole back seat to himself now and he lays there like lord muck sleeping.

Max at 11 months old.
Max has really calmed down these last few months, he so loving, gentle and will spend hours sitting next to you having his chest rubbed, as soon as he sits on your knee he flops onto his back and goes all weak and there he'll stay as long as you'll have him. Max is also enjoying having his own bed at night.
He still likes his little runs around the house followed by Pepsi, but being that bit taller and slimmer then Pepsi hes always a good few feet in front.


Max at 20mths
Max is a loving, playful, attention seeker lol.
He loves cuddles, and dont you dare try to cuddle anyone else as he will plonk himself in the middle lol.
Healthwise Max is thriving, other than re-occuring ear infections due to his long furry ears, but they clear once treated as quick as they start.
He runs around like a looney, fetching and carrying, he even learnt how to fetch treats for his sister when she was so poorly, hes such an intelligent dog, and so darn handsome, Max has more of a spaniel look about him as oppose to the pug side of the CKCS.
Max only has 1 draw back and that is wanting to be everyones friend out doors, he still hasnt cottoned on to the fact that sadly not everyone loves dogs, he gets most annoyed when people dont want to be his friend lol.

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max in kennel