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18th May

Pepsi has had her luxating patella op, click Here to read all about it

11th May

Good news the specialist rang today, our insurance company is covering the cost of Pepsi's surgery.

Pepsi will have her operation on the 17th of May which is 6 days away, we are so nervous.

Please keep Pepsi in your thoughts and say a little pray for her ;)

14th April

Well Pepsi saw the specialist yesterday, he told us that the surgery on Pepsi's leg cannot be left, the problem is a genetic deformity, you can view Pepsi's X-Ray pictures HERE,

The reason why Pepsi screamed so bad and for so long when she originally hurt her leg last month was the tendon holding her knee in place had ripped, the knee bone was held in place because of the tendon, but this had over stretched and torn.

We have also been told Pepsi's left leg is probably going to end up the same way, you can see in detail on the x-ray link page above.

The specialist has told us the price of the surgery is around 1300 not including the consiltation fee.

We are now waiting to see if Pepsi's insurance will cover the costs.

More news as we get it.....

30th March
On the 28th Pepsi starting vomiting bile after taking Rimadyl, the vet recommended stopping the tablets and to see how she goes, by the following morning Pepsi was back screaming in pain, she is now taking Metacam, a non-steroidal anti inflammatory, so far Pepsi is coping ok,

Roll on April 13th when Pepsi sees a specialist, its heart breaking seeing her in such discomfort and pain :(

March 19th
Due to the amount of pain Pepsi returned to the vet today (19th) it has been confirmed Pepsi's has a Luxating patella,(detailed description HERE), her knee joint keeps popping out of the socket, no matter how many times the vet popped it back in it came back out

Pepsi has had her pain relief increased and is in alot of discomfort.

Regular visitors will know that Max already suffers with patella problems and is being monitored, however on Friday morning Pepsi jumped off the sofa and was screaming uncontrollably for what seemed an eternity.
To cut a long story short we rushed her to the vet who thought her problem was the same as Max's

On getting X-ray results the vet has found two areas on the X-ray around the knee that he cant explain and has referred Pepsi to a specialist for a months time. Pepsi is now on pain relief and rest,

If anyone has had the same problems please Contact us, any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you