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The Ab-Crab UK store has been created to provide fellow hermie owners with easy access to the essentials needed to keep our critters healthy and happy; these essentials have become increasingly harder to locate in the UK. 
Our aim is to offer hermie specific products that are very difficult to obtain in the UK, and of course where we have discounts kindly applied, these will be reflected in our prices.

If you need advice or want to meet other Hermie owners, Join our Forum

Hermit Gallery

Here is our hermie family, we currently have 25, only a few have names as its hard to know who is who once they start shell changing.

/01_07_07_0208.jpg /01_07_07_0216.jpg /01_07_07_2335.jpg /08_07_07_0352.jpg
/08_07_07_vinnie.jpg /11_07_07_0115.jpg /11_07_07_0128.jpg /11_07_07_1334.jpg
/25_06_07_2322.jpg /25_06_07_2343.jpg /25_06_07_caravan.jpg /25_06_07_caravan1.jpg
/26_06_07_0005.jpg /26_06_07_vinnie.jpg /crabitat_bymorninglight.jpg /crabitat_bynight.jpg

Hermie Vid!

A litte video i took while margaret was cleaning their tank
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