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Here we are as babies

Tuesday 18th July- We had a lovely surprise today, We received an email from John & Julia the owners of Pepsi and Max's sister Bridget, containing Photos of Bridget, We were so pleased to receive the photos we just had to add a family album page to our web site so you could all see what beautiful puppies Jasmine had. We'll be adding more photos as we receive them.

Anita and I have often wondered what she looked like now , because when we first went to look at the puppies we had also held and cuddled her, was she anything like Pepsi and Max to look at or in personality?

About Bridget by her owners John & Julia, quote "Having read your site she sounds just like her siblings,she is the cutist dog on two legs in her ninja pose, she loves to cause trouble she has destroyed most of the trees in our garden either trying to catch flies or chewing off the branches but we still love her to bits. She loves her walks but she wont let a human pass without trying to get a stroke and a cuddle her so we have to keep her away from the non dog lovers she thinks everyone wants to hug her and kiss her."

Now why does that sound so familiar, we have had many an embarrassing situation with Pepsi and Max lol.

Sunday 23rd July Well today is a very happy day! Sue got in touch with our brothers owners and now our lil family is complete, Sally sent us pictures of our brother Dylan!! We all look so much alike its uncanny!
About Dylan by his owners Sally & Jeff, Quote "Your descriptions of Pepsi & Max are my Dylan's to a tee! Dylan Fireball is their full brother & I bought him as a stud dog for my three (soon to be five - I hope ) cavalier bitches. He is full of devilment & is always showing off in front of his ladies! He loves everything & everybody & never stops smiling! Jeff & I can't wait until he's old enough to father some puppies, as they should all be stars..
As you can see, the similarity to Pepsi, Max & bridget is amazing!"

Photo's of Jasmine courtesy of Sue the breeder, Bridget courtesy of John & Julia Bridgets owners and Photo's of Dylan courtesy of Sally & Jeff Dylans owner.
Thank you so much for the Photos!

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