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Welcome to Baywood Critters

We would like you to meet the rest of our family.
The Critters! We have 2 old boy gerbils Ratty and Sandy (passed away November 2007)
and 6 younger gerbils Coffee, Toffee, Godley, Cream, Gizmo and Beano.Coffee, (Coffee, Toffee, Godley, Cream, sadly have passed away)
The Hermit crabs, these little crabs are fascinating to watch, these are fairly new to our menargerie of animals.

Old Boys

boxRead the old boys story and see lots of beautiful pics.
You can read about the 4 brothers we originally bought, these little boys are so special and have an unbelievable bond between them.
Their story will make you laugh and cry.

Young Ones

boxRead the story of the young boys, the problems you can encounter buying from pet stores, the problems we have overcome and more, aswell as and taking a look at their beautiful pics.

Land Hermit Crabs

box Read about and see pics of our hermit crabs and their crabitat.
We have had these little almost 2 years, they are fascinating to watch, but not to be taken lightly as a pet.


Baywood Critters was born July 4th

Sept 16th 2008

This section will no longer be updated for indepth advice on land hermit crabs please visit our specific website at http://baywood-pets.co.uk/absolutely-crabulous-uk

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