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Baywood Buddies 4

We'd like you to meet Our Cyber Buddies

Add your pets pics to Pepsi, Max & Baby's Buddy Page

Contact Us with...
1. Your pets pic
2. Your pets name
3. What Country your from
and we'll do the rest!

Thankyou to everyone for adding their photos

If you have lost a beloved pet, please feel free to add your pet to our newPets Memorial

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What an amazing picture to start our Buddies Page 4!
This is Jake & Roscoe, arnt they handsome!
Jake & Roscoe's owner Michele tells us that they live in usa flag New York in the USA they are both five years old this year
This beautiful photo was one of Micheles Holiday Card pictures for Christmas 2006, and we can see why!

This handsome fur ball is Timmy the syrian hamster, he belongs to Karen my youngest son Martin's girlfriend
Timmys favourite hobbies are sitting on his back legs nosing, eating and sleeping! lol

This handsome trio are Pepsi and Max's cousins, they belong to marg's sister Catherine and neices Lydia and Hannah, Firstly we have Andre (look at that face) wearing his christmas outfit he is 9 yrs old, the adorable Scooby lazing on the sofa is 3 yrs old
Finally we have the new addition to their family, Levi a beautiful Weimarana puppy who is 9 weeks old, who belongs to Lydia and Hannah

Andre Scooby
Levi Levi

Baywood Pets