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Baywood Buddies 3

We'd like you to meet Our Cyber Buddies

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The following pictures are of sweet little Blacky the poodle
She was born on 17th of Jun. 1992 in Hungary. She is an old lady, but still full of energy!!!

Baby is delighted to introduce his 1st fellow Black Headed Caique Buddies Peppy and Lola!
This beautiful pair live Happily In usa flag New York City With Deb and John Oneill

Peppy and Lola

This has to be one of the cutest photos ever!
this is the adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Daisy,
the pictures proves how much like little babies Cavaliers really are
Daisy is from usa flag Kent, WA USA


This is Shandy the adorable 5mth old Cavalier
Her owners Lisa and Carl tell us that Shandy has very similar behaviourisms as max, Full of energy and mischief!
They must have their hands full!!
Shandy is from england flag Merseyside , England

Baywood Pets