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Baywood Buddies

We'd like you to meet Our Cyber Buddies

Add your pets pics to Pepsi, Max & Baby's Buddy Page

Contact Us with...
1. Your pets pic
2. Your pets name
3. What Country your from
and we'll do the rest!

Thankyou to everyone for adding their photos

If you have lost a beloved pet, please feel free to add your pet to our newPets Memorial

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sugar n spice the lil girl ratties
wales flag Sugar & Spice from Wales
arthur the chinny chinchilla
wales flag Arthur from Wales
eddie the 9yr old budgie
wales flag Eddie from Wales
cally the sweet little tri colour cavalier
england flag Cally from England
hammy the sooo cute syrian hamster
wales flag Hammy from Wales
futty the beautiful tabby cat
wales flag Futty from Wales
Jangles the beautiful Schnauzer/Maltese mix before the hairdressers
australia flag Jangles from Australia (before)
Jangles the beautiful Schnauzer/Maltese mix after the hairdressers
australia flag Jangles from Australia (after)
Jendi the gorgeous Maltese/Shih Tzu mix
australia flag Jendi from Australia
Gusto the handsome cat
usa flag Gusto from The USA
Penny the gorgeous little spaniel, shes a real cutee
england flag Penny (pic 1) from England
Penny returns! cute as ever
england flag Penny (pic 2) from England
Skye the very handsome Westie terrior
australia flag Skye from Australia
Oliver the mud loving puss
england flag Oliver from England
Sabrina posing purrr-fectly
england flag Sabrina from England
Benji the handsome cavalier cat napping
england flag Benji (pic 1) from England
Benji with his boy am i so cute pose! (you sure are Benji!)
england flag Benji (pic 2) from England
Bootes now has he got a cute little face or what!!
canada flag Bootes from Canada
Blue looking gorgeous high up and comfy!
canada flag Blue from Canada
Pepsi and Maxs ever so pretty lil real time buddie Gizzy!
wales flag Gizzy (pic 1) from Wales
Could Gizzy possibly look any cuter?? No!
wales Gizzy (pic 2) from Wales