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Baby's Story

babys pic

Where do I begin?

Well it all began with a visit to a pet shop in Neath in June 2005, we'd been there many times before, but on this day we met Baby, he was in a cage at the back of the shop next to an African Gray parrot, he was so pleased to make contact with anyone who would put their finger in his cage, he was a Black Headed Caique and 10 weeks old, Anita's dream parrot, she would of loved to of bought him right there and then, but we were talking about a large sum of money, so we left him there, anyways to cut a long story short, I, (Margaret) went back there the next day and bought him, brought him home, took him out of the box and placed him on Anita's finger, from that day on you'd of thought he'd always lived with us.

We named him Baby because he really was a baby, he'd been hand reared but still he wasn't too sure what to do with his fresh fruit, so I began to feed him by hand, he was a quick learner and I soon had him eating out of my hand.

Things were going fine until Thursday 15th September 2005, Baby became ill, he was quiet, inactive and his beak was boiling hot, he had a high temp, we rushed him to the vets, not that the vets knew what to do at first, they consulted an Avian Vet and they decided he had a crop infection, Baby was so good and so well behaved, he lay on his back in my hand whilst the vet examined him, then came the needle, again he lay there and let the vet inject him, then he gave him some medicine orally, things were going well, Baby made us so proud, the vet was pleased with himself too, we went to pay the bill, then Baby began to vomit, and vomit and vomit more, we rushed him back into the vet, he flushed water into his mouth, Baby lost his colour, his eyes became little slits, he looked so ill. Anita and I had to leave him there as we felt he wouldn't cope with the ride home in the car, we both thought we'd seen him alive for the last time, I broke down and cried in the car, we were both so upset to see him looking that ill, we felt helpless, once we got home I rang the vets, Baby had stopped vomiting and was resting in a quiet dark room. A few hours later the vet phoned to say he thought Baby would be better at home so we went back to fetch him, when the vet brought him out he managed a wolf whistle at us. We got him home but we weren't out of the woods yet.

A few hours later Baby began to vomit again, he took himself to his bed and layed on his belly, and he began to feel cold, we thought we were losing him for sure, we gave him a little flat lucozade and I rubbed his head with my fingers, then like a miracle he got out of his bed and went over for something to eat, from that moment on he got better and better.

We've had a few health problems with him since, we've worked out its when he eats anything that expands in his crop after eating it, things like, bread, dried fruit, and under cooked pasta to name a few things, so we've cut these out of his diet, we changed his seed diet and cut out all dried fruit, and so far it seems to of worked.

Baby has come a long way in the 8 months we've had him, he looks so handsome and colourful, he works out everyday to build his muscles up, he entertains himself so well, playing on his back with his hand toys, swinging from his ropes, chasing his own wing, whistling, growling if he doesn't like what were doing or bring something new into the room. He loves cuddles, and head and neck rubs, he loves his bath, and time spent out of his cage sat with us.

He's said his first word, "hello" we're very proud parents.

Baby has excepted Pepsi and Max, he growls at them when there fighting, squeeks like a toy whilst their playing, and is now beginning to learn to shout "Max" and if they don't behave he'll throw his fresh berries at them and boy what a good shot he is.

More news as it happens.....

Latest Baby News in Brief

Margaret will update in more detail very soon

April 23rd

Well what can we say Baby has gone from strength to strength, hes so happy, playful, a fantastic mimic a proper cheeky lil chappie!
This week his new cage arrived which we introduced him too and he adores it, he even helped us move his toys in lol.
This new cage has more depth is very secure and has a fantastic play gym on top which Baby loves BIGtime! especially throwing his toys over the side for us all to pick up lol
He loves his time out with us when the pups are settled in their own room for the evening. Baby loves the puppies but with how busy they are we wouldnt even consider having Baby out of his cage at the same time as the pups are out.
Thats all from me for now
Like Anita said, baby loves his new cage which he had for his 1st birthday, we're so proud of him, there was a time we didn't think he'd reach his 1st birthday, but thank God he seems so well and very very happy, he's been worth all the heartache, theres not a day goes by he doesn't make us laugh.
Baby loves his time out on his play gym, he loves dropping things on my head as I'm cleaning his cage out, we find his toy balls all over the living room were he's thrown them.
His jumping around the bottom of the cage and on top of his play gym, and rolling around on his back playing with his hand toys, laughing at us and with us, are just a few of the many things baby entertains us with, we all find ourselves watching baby when we're meant to be watching a DVD.

July 22nd 2006

All great news on Baby he continues to grow from strength to strength, he really is a bird in a million!
His vocabulary grows daily likewise with his impersonations.
We now have a 1st class impersonator of
Electric drills
Electric Screw drivers
Squeeky toys, and doors
Mobile phones
Dogs Whining
He laughs and laughs when we do
This ones great - he now copies perfectly my mums asthma wheeze lol
You can hear him from a mile off when he hears our car pulling up into the Avenue let alone outside the house
this little chaps talents are endless
He is now also a world class football player, wrestler, gymnast and all round sportsman
Baby truley is our special lil chappy!

July 31st 2007

Baby a year on -
What a handsome cheeky well behaved multi talented little gem Baby has turned into!
We are more than proud, healthwise Baby thrives, since we keep a very close eye on what he eats we have had no further problems.
We get "Hello" every morning followed by "awright" and a kiss, what more could you ask for to start your day?
Baby laughs along when we laugh, cries when we cry and yes he snores whenever anyone snores lol, no chance of a sneeky nap atall!
We have an energetic, loving, funny, entertaining adorable little star, who fills our hearts with love and our days with laughter,
Life has never been the same since Baby arrived it just gets better!!

December 6th 2007

Well Baby continues to strive and gets more and more intelligent and cheeky!

Heres a little video of Baby singing and dancing, its a bit dark, and you will have to excuse the berry stains and the kitchen roll tube that Baby likes to chomp down lol

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