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Baywood Pets Awards Page 8

Below are more Awards that we are so proud to of got, thankyou to everyone whos given us thier award!

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Thanks for introducing me to your site. Your page more than deserves my Bull's Eye award.
Neil, Sundog's Bulldogs
Thank you for applying for my award, I have finally had the chance to look around your site and really enjoyed my visit, your pets are really cute!! I used to have a cocktail bird and atm I have one dog. it would be my pleasure to present you with my award,
You have a great web site. We would be proud for you to display our award.
I was at your site tonight, your babies are beautiful. I was sorry to hear that Pepsi is not feeling well. I hope she will be well soon.
the Global Directories Internet Award for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation
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My name is David Dibble, I am a Judge for Global Internet Directories Award for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation! and after carefully reviewing your website at and judging it within the GID ("CRITERIA"), this is my judgment, I award your website the gold award,images have appropriate ALT tags, The site is put together very nice,pages and images load fast, design and layout looks great, very nice pet website.I find this site well done in both code and content.corrections needed for higher award? none
Site is complete and excellent in every respect. Keep up the good work and make the internet a better place.
I have visited your wonderful web home and I hope you will accept the attached awards, your little friends are such doll babies. Regards Molly
Hi, What a nice site you have. It was a pleasure to look around here and I'll gladly come back. I would like to give you this award for your nice site. Wishing you a wonderful summer.. Take care ;)
Best regards Ruth
I send to you my new goldaward
an dan award from my little SHIH TZU name Valde.
Greetings from Inger-Marie
Thank you for inviting me to review your website. I found it refreshing, original and full of personality. You have done a marvelous job!
Again congratulations and success in all your endevours.
Sith agus Slainte bha! (Peace and Good Health to you!)
For you ... my Scotty and SOTD award.
Enjoy, Margaret
We had a chance to visit your site and think it is wonderful! Thanks so much for showing us. We would love to give you one of our awards!
Jamie & Amber & Jake (woof!)
Link Inactive
We are awarding your site the First Class Site Award! We found it to be a well designed site suitable for all ages We found it easy to navigate and very interesting. We really enjoyed our visit and will stop by often to see what is new. Very Well Done, Keep up the great work

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awards 1 awards 2 awards 3 awards 4 awards 5 awards 6 awards 7
awards 9 awards 10 awards 11 awards 12