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Baywood Pets Awards Page 7

Below are more Awards that we are so proud to of got, thankyou to everyone whos given us thier award!

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Dog Breeds

congratulations, a visitor to our website has voted your site as being worthy of our webmaster award
I have today had a good look around your website and I must say that you have a great site with lots of nice stories and pictures, very family safe. I was most impressed with babies story. I would like to congratulate you on a excellent website. With this in mind I would like to award you with the award of excellence. Please accept this award with pride and continue with the great work you are doing. Baby looks very well looked after and deserves this award. Well done.
Hello, great site. Love your dogs and bird. Congratulations! Lazy Horse is pleased to award your site this award.
Thanks for applying for our award we would be honored if you displayed it on your site
I have reviewed your site which was a pleasure indeed to do. It is also my pleasure to congratulate you now in winning my award. Your site more than qualifies for my "Pet Site Award" I found your site easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and full of information for your visitors.
Once again,congratulations, My very best wishes to you.
La Luna.
Whatever you were thinking, it turned out OK, because I'm here to tell you today that you are now the proud winner of The Beat Post Internationalīs Pure Gold Award!
Your site more than qualified to win my award, the Pure Gold Award.
Hey, most sites don't even come close to winning my award. But yours was a hands down winner.
PS: Your site ir so nice and informative,
and my dog DITTE want to give you an award too.
Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "Gold Medal Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.
Congratulations !!! Your site--Baywood , has been chosen as a winner of The Southern Nytes Award of Elegance .
It was a pleasure to visit your site. I am impressed. There is only one Southern Nytes Award. We do not give Bronze,Silver, Gold, etc. Your site has to be exceptional to win this award.

You done an excellent job with your site and i would be very happy to give you an award. Thanks for stopping by my site and hope ya had fun.
Baywood Pets, I am pleased to announce that after extensive reading (I love Dogs) and checking all of your site, the easyness to get from page 1 to b. I'm proud to award to you my "Lady Stell's Beautiful Site Award." You do have a great site!.Love the dog pics
Stella C.
Congratulations! I was very impressed of your site and I could see that a great deal of time, creativity, love and effort went into the site you've created. It is my pleasure to give you my Animal Care Award.
I picked the webmasters award and hope you like it.
I read about Baby....and the name was one we called our little yorkie Tammy the last few years. Our little Baby died on the 22nd December after being diagnosed with "liver shunt". We felt lost as there was just four yorkies so we bought Ellie in March for my birthday. She has helped fill a huge gap.....but we will never forget our Baby. Will be in touch and come and see your beautiful little ones again.
Kind regards, Sue.
it's a pleasure to me to send you this award for your beautiful website.
Love, Marja

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awards 1 awards 2 awards 3 awards 4 awards 5 awards 6 awards 8
awards 9 awards 10 awards 11 awards 12