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Baywood Pets Awards Page 11

Below are more Awards that we are so proud to of got, thankyou to everyone whos given us thier award!

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Hi There, WOW..... it really looks wonderfull, your website. And those pets of yours even more ;-)
Good luck with the family !!!
Best Wishes
Hi, It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time and work making your web site both informative and a pleasure to view. The navigation is smooth and the graphics are crisp and clear. The fast load time and easy-on-the-eye design made my visit enjoyable.
I have attached a Cool Site award.
Again congratulations on a job well done,
Please accept my award. I enjoyed your site very much. Keep up the great work!
Thanks and congratulations,
Cocoa and Teddy are pleased to present your site with their 8 Paws Up! Award.
Congratulations ! : ))) You have done a fantastic job on your site. Allot of work has gone into it and it shows: ))) We proudly award you with our "Beautiful site award " !!!! Keep up the great work : ))
Tom and April
I looked over your website, I love the pics of the animals.
Kuuloa Kai Top Site Award
Hi Baywood
After carefully reviewing your site, we would like to honor you with Kuuloa Kai's Top Site Award for surpassing our criteria of excellence in concept, design, layout, rich content and easy navigation.
We have added your site to our awardees database.Winners Page
We acknowledge the effort you have put into your website; the time, hours and countless obstacles. Display your award with pride!
Congratulations on producing a site of excellence.
Best Wishes,
Steve Mapua
Senior Web Architect Website Judge for Kuuloa Kai's Top Site Awards Program
Best Wishes,
Pamela Kjobech
Top Site Awards Program
Thank you for your intrest in Oinkers's Website Awards! i have reviewed your site, Baywood Pets, and found it more than deserving of a "Nermal's Choice Award"!
Thanks again - and I realy enjoyed the site! Your puppies are so pretty!
Jo & Oinkers
Kitty GreyCat born June 6, 1982. Died July 9, 1997. All of our awards are in loving memory of her.
Congrats. Your award will be posted on
Baywood Pets,
Oh my gosh! I got such a kick out of your email!! So did my hubby. We really got a good laugh out of the five dollar bill and you made our day. How could I not give you an award when you gave us a well needed chuckle! I totally loved your pet website and I would like to award you my "Barefoot Lass's Two thumbs Up Award".
Thanks again for the delightful email!
Have a wonderful day and God Bless....
Barefoot Lass
T.C. and I have enjoyed visiting your site and seeing all the cute puppy pictures. But we really like Baby, he is so funny. T.C. says now all you need is a wonderful cat like himself. We are honored to send you the Purrfect Animal site award.
I really enjoyed my visit to Baywood Pets. I am always watching shows on Animal Planet about pets. I wanted to award you website with three Blessigns Cornucopia Awards and a couple Gifts as well.

Caring Spirit Award
Given to both homepages and websites whose primary focus and reason for being reflects a strong desire to assist others in some way whether it be to educate, to inform, to connect, to protect, to restore, or to support people, animals, or the environment. Their caring intent truely blesses us all since all streams flow from the same source.
Bright Presence Award
Given to those who radiate brightness out from the brilliance of their crystalline starcore as they endeavor to link their personal spirit song in balanced fellowship and camaraderie with both equilibrium and equanimity. As they entrain with the spirit of universal oneness their presence blesses us all.
Zestfull Inspiration Award
Given to those homepages or websites that are filled with an upbeat enthusiasm that inspires positive and constructive thoughts, actions, communications and connections. By sharing their zest-fullness and verve for living life wholeheartedly through their words, photos, poems, and memories, they broadcast, spread, and promote passionate liveliness.
Many Blessings,
Maureen Grace
You have a wonderful site, and I'm happy to send you my Beautiful Bird Site award, with my congratulations. Hope Baby likes it!

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