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Baywood Pets Awards Page 1

Below are Awards that we are so proud to of got, thankyou to everyone whos given us thier award!

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Well we have won almost 200 awards!
Thank you to each and everyone of you for honouring us with your wonderful awards!
We have decided that we shall no longer apply for awards, but please feel free to send us an award, if you feel our site is worthy or you just want to make our babies happy!.
Thank you once again
Anita, Margaret, Pepsi, Max and Baby!

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The No-Evil Family-Site Award
Baywood Pets is 100%
safe for children
(and grandma) to visit.
Visit Fur All Over!
I am proud to announce that you have been chosen to receive the Fur All Over award for display on your page.
congratulations and great job!
Dog' Site Award
Congratulations! You Won The 'Good Dog' Site Award!
You should be very proud! Your site is awesome
Awarded to quality pet websites. (dogs, puppies, cats, horses)

Type: Dog Site

We have reviewed
your website and
decided you deserve
this award!
Visit pet shed!
Congratulations We have reviewed your site and determined that it is outstanding and qualifies for an award. Your site is now listed in our links page. (click award)
Visit kiwigraphics!
I've now reviewed your site and am please to award to my 2006 award. Your site is great, it was a pleasure viewing it.
Visit hdw-inc!
We have visited your site, and found that you have created an innovative and valuable website, suitable for the whole family!! We enjoyed our visit, and are quite sure that others will, too. We are pleased to attach a copy of our award with this e-mail message, and offer our hearty Con-CAT-u-Lations for a job very well done!!
this site has won the cowgomoo webawards!
CowGoMoo - WebAwards Team!
is pleased to annouce your site
has been reviewed and you have won our Gold Award.
We have visited your homepage and enjoyed our time there very much. Please accept our award for your wonderful site
Visit meet gypsy!
I have reviewed your pages and find them to be a positive contribution to the World Wide Web. I am sending you our Pink Binkit Award for excellence in a site devoted to pets or animals.
Visit piano lady!
Hello, It's my pleasure to honor you with an award. Your babies are beautiful and you've done an exceptional job on your site.
Piano Lady Nancy
Visit bruno!
Thanks you for applying for Bruno's Web Award, I am pleased to present it to you for a Great job on your website. I enjoyed my visit very much and will visit again.
Hello, We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and devoted content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Favorite Pet Award. Award
Awarded by
The Butterfly Site We have visited your website and really appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. CONGRATULATIONS, we are pleased to give you the link to receive our award!
Butterfly & Nature Store Award
Awarded by
Butterfly & Nature Gifts We liked your site enought to give you an award from our store as well

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