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About Us

A Bit about Anita
Online User Name - topps
Age - 44yrs
I have 2 Sons aged 24 and 22
Im a qualified Hairdresser but no longer practice other than on family and friends, for the last 12yrs iv been my mums full time carer, mum lives with us as she suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage. Mum is now in the early stages of alzheimer's, such a cruel disease
I've been online since 1999, i built my 1st website whilst on Web TV, I moved on to the world of PC's in 2002,
Since then iv built several websites, i originally started with webhosts that offered templates, all you had to do basically was fill in the text and images the rest was done for you. Since 2003 iv started to dabble with html and dhtml and i built a very successful website about the UK soap Family Affairs, sadly i closed that website after the visitors dropped dramatically after the demise of the show, at its peak that website brought in almost 300 visitors a day.

I now also dabble with CSS, PHP Javascript, different softwares and a few others, out of the many websites i have built and designed, i now update 8... i think? lol i also have a few other sites which i no longer update and havent listed,
Updated sites are :-
Baywood Pets of course
Absolutely Crabulous
The Bill no longer updated
Ray Winstone Fansite
Sid James
Doc Martin (joint with Margaret) no longer updated
Dolphin World (1 of my early sites)
I have also designed and maintain web sites for other people
Thats about it from me, now its Margarets turn...

A Bit about Margaret
Online User Name - ezri
Age - 46yrs
I am a Project Assistant for our local Independent living scheme, for people with physical disabilites.
I have held this position since January 2006, up until then I was a full time teaching assistant for 6yrs, before that I was a Senior Residential Child Care officer for 17yrs.

I started online back in 1999 with a PC. My initial time online was with 2 very successful chatsites where i was Admin, sadly these chatsites are no longer online, MSN changed chatroom life.

Regarding websites
Im responsible for our babies stories on Baywood Pets, aswell as helping on the awards section

I have designed and run another very successful website
Ezri's X-Files
which i also design unique wallpapers for.

I also do general updating and banner designs for our Doc Martin website.

My 1st website however Ezri's Star Trek was built with Geocities i still have that website but i no longer update it owing to not having the time.

The time I spend online now is spent updating Baywood Pets, running Absolutely Crabulous website and forum alongside Anita and another friend. I am regulary adding more pages to my X-Files website, most recently I have added Show Taglines.
Thats it from me now onto Baywood Pets....

About Baywood Pets

Firstly Hello and Welcome to our home on the net!

We built Baywood Pets as a tribute to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies Pepsi & Max, and our little Black Headed Caique Baby.
Aswell as beautiful pictures and tales of their lives, we thought our site would be of use to other pet owners.

Baywood Pets also offers lots of information on parrot and dog health issues, rangeing from vaccines, spaying and neutering to pet illness and diet,
We are not experts but we can offer advice and if we do not know the answer to pet owners concerns we do try our best to point you in the right direction, by adding trustworthy links.

We also have sections on breed information of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Caique Parrots aswell as general information.

We like to see what some of our furry or feathered friends look like so we have a Buddies Page, where you can send in your pet pics.

We have a Topsites for other webmasters to add their websites.
Our aim is to reward other webmasters/mistresses for all their hard work.

Baywood Pets is also fortunate to of won many awards,
we sincerely thank each and everyone of the award program owners for taking the time to review our website and honouring us with their awards.

Margaret and myself (Anita) put many many hours of work into Baywood Pets and we pride ourselves on running a Family Safe website where all can visit and feel safe.
We update our site several times through the week, so please keep popping back,
There is much much more inside.

We now also own/run a very successful website, forum and online store called Absolutely Crabulous , which is part of Baywood Pets, Absolutely Crabulous is dedicated to Land Hermit Crabs.
We also rescue and rehome Land Hermit Crabs, since we started in May 2008 we have rehomed over 50 lil hermies!

Finally thankyou to everybody who visits us, and special thanks to -
Sue (the breeder) without whom we would not have Pepsi & Max, also for the beautiful pictures of their mum Jasmine - thanks Sue
John & Julia - for the beautiful pictures of Pepsi & Max's sister Bridget.
Sally & Jeff - for the gorgeous pictures of Dylan Pepsi & Max's brother.
Aase for making us the gorgeous animated gifs of our pets.
finally to all who have given us gifts for our website

In Sept 2008 we had a new addition to our family! Luco is a beautiful Cavapoo (CKCS crossed with a toy poodle).
You can find pics of Luco on the main site, soon we shall be adding Luco's story aswell as adding more pics!

Something to ponder on... it doesnt take a huge brain to work out why we named Pepsi and Max, have you worked out why we named Luco yet???? ;)

Best Regards, woofs and whistles
Anita, Margaret, Pepsi, Max, Baby and Luco and the rest of our mini zoo!